A Sparkly Custom Journal for the Glitter Lover's Soul

Custom Glitter Handmade Button Hole Book-9

Hello, everyone— and thank you for your wonderful comments and emails regarding my big 'ole life changes. Since the last post wasn't all glitter and sunshine, I thought today it would be fun to share something that is literally only glitter and sparkles— my most recent handmade book! For those curious, this is called a "buttonhole binding" and yes, it was extremely fun to make :-)

ButtonHole binding

This custom glitter journal was a birthday present for my close friend, Haley. She's a really amazing person and feels very much like a sister to me. She is extremely talented and tons of fun to be around. She has amazing handwriting, makes really wonderful watercolor drawings, and is almost always writing a list of some sort. She had a Whoopi GOLDberg themed birthday party and is also obsessed with mermaids, so I used those facts as jumping off points to create the perfect surprise journal for her.

Button Hole Book binding
Custom Glitter Handmade Button Hole Book-6

I found this awesome heavyweight sparkly paper that is perfect for creating softcover books. It's thick enough to protect but light enough to keep the book from weighing your purse or bag down. I had a vision of a glittery gold book with a detailed exposed spine, but I wasn't sure what other color I wanted (or what would "work" with the almost over the top gold). But then I found this dreamy teal paper with it's own, more subtle sparkle and just ran with the whole thing.

Custom Handmade Book

I had actually picked out some awesome jewel purple thread with sparkly accents to bind the book, but somewhere between the thread aisle and my house it completely disappeared. I didn't have time to go back to the store, so I just thought, "If you were making this for you, what color would you choose?" and then obviously decided to bind it with some peachy pink instead.

Custom Glitter Book
bookmaking blog

Since I know Haley likes to use watercolor, write with fun pens and markers, and make collages, I went with a nice and thick multimedia paper. It's not quite as heavy as watercolor paper, but it's hefty enough to really span a lot of different mediums. And as a fellow list-maker, I had my heart set on something high-quality because it's a huge bummer dealing with ghosting while you write. The paper is also hand-torn to size, which gives the book that dreamy deckled edge that I love so much. . . Anyway, I'm going to move along now because I could drone on about paper for far too long!

handmade book-

The last small detail I added was the heart button that helps keep the whole thing closed. Haley actually bought that little button while she lived in Africa, and she gave it to me months ago after deciding she didn't know what to make with it. I could just tell that it was special to her though, so as soon as I found out her birthday was coming up, I knew whatever I created had to incorporate it. I think I made the right call because there may have been a few happy tears shed over while receiving this book.

nashville handmade books
journal for glitter lover

So there you have it— the goldest, most glitteriest book I have ever made. I hate to sound obnoxious by swooning over my own work, but honestly, I am in serious love with how this book turned out! It's something I never would have created for myself but now that it exists I kind of want one in every color, ya know? This glitter is just so much fun— I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I was making this book.

gold glitter

Ps. Here's a super secret I'm gonna let you in on: Haley and I have decided to collaborate on a zine together! I've always wanted to write one, and this random idea finally popped into my head that would be perfect, so we are gonna go with it and see where it takes us— I'm super excited! I've also finally convinced her to start a blog (coming soon) so can she share all the awesome lists she makes, so hopefully y'all will be able to meet her soon!