On My Desk: Hand Embroidered Paper Details

Hand Embroidered Details-22

Today I'm excited to share a really special project I'm working on. I've been creating an extremely detailed custom book and I thought it'd be fun to give y'all a peek behind the scenes with some progress shots. 

The final pieces will be a book of poems/song lyrics bound "accordion" style. This means that all the pages are connected end to end and the owner will have the option of either reading it as a normal book or using it as an art piece by opening it up for display. So if you literally imagine an accordion- the covers would be like the keyboard/woodboxes and all these pages will expand and connect like the bellows. 

Hand Embroidered Details-42

But don't worry your head off about the construction- let's focus on all the embroidery going on instead! My client wanted to create a gift for a songwriting friend. So she provided me with the lyrics to be made into a book and then I went to work. 

And by work I obviously mean lots of planning and obsessing over details. My concept behind this book was to create lots of intricate layers. The writer's poems + lyrics are very vulnerable and telling so I wanted layers of pattern, colors, words, and stitching to draw the reader in and move them along throughout the collection. The end goal was to create something that you can look at several times and find a new detail that you didn't notice before (the way you can fall in love with a different part of a song you've heard a million times).

Hand Embroidered Details-36
Hand Embroidered Details-25

I chose vintage inspired floral papers to embroider on for the bottom layer, which you see here. The second layer is a translucent vellum that the lyrics are printed on. Once the layers are attached, you get a dreamy effect of hand embroidered vines and words peeking out from under the lyrics. It's a lot of fun to look at in person. 

Since I knew the embroidery would be covered up, I wanted to get some really detailed shots for my portfolio. (And can we just talk about the word "portfolio" for a second? It  always makes me feel so weird. . . like overconfident or a corporate executive giving a boring report, ugh. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to have a gallery of my embroidery and handmade books when I re-do my website, but at the same time it still evokes weird feelings. . . )

Hand Embroidered Details-32
Hand Embroidered Details-47

All of the embroidered words are lyrics I hand lettered and then stitched. I included a time lapse GIF above of the process because it's always fun to see the evolution of an idea!

Hand Embroidered Details-58
Hand Embroidered Details-65
Hand Embroidered Details-66
Hand Embroidered Details-85
Hand Embroidered Details-78

After all the embroidery was done, i used my sewing machine to attach the two layers. My desk then turned into a disaster area of string and paper that Olive was more than happy to frolic all over. The next step is to attach all the pages into a seven foot accordion and then give it some covers to live between! (And then more photographing and then shipping it off— but one step at a time!) 

Hand Embroidered Details-82

I an honestly say that this will probably be one of the most beautiful books I've made yet. I'm also learning a ton along the way so it's been a rewarding and challenging experience. Yay for new things! I'm looking forward to wrapping this project up and making even more books. I have a lot of ideas floating around that I can't wait to get working on, so stay tuned for loads more books and handmade goodness!