You’re a writer searching for a book you'll not only use,
but cherish after it's filled with the world inside your head.

You’re an artist frustrated by humdrum sketchbooks,
whose thin pages tear and tatter as you create.

You’re engaged and yearning for a unique wedding guestbook,
one you’ll cherish for years to come.

No matter who you are or how you share your story, 
you need a book that helps you tell it.

I’m here to make that happen. I’m Jenna, the bookbinder behind Kitty Cat Stevens.

I create delightful handmade books for artists, writers, and modern day bibliophiles. Fueled by my love of books and writing, I learned to bind small editions of my own poetry in college. Soon I'd created more books than I could ever fill,
and I knew I had to share them with the world.  

To my fellow artists, writers, designers, poets, list makers, and scribblers: thanks for letting me share my passion with you — I hope you fill these books up with yours.


bookbinding testimonial

"The degree to which Jenna is good at what she does is absurd.

If Professor McGonagall pointed her wand at me and transfigured
me into a book, I would look exactly like
the custom journal
Jenna made for me.
That journal is the book version of me.

I'm telling you, Jenna doesn't just 'make cute books.'

Her bookmaking is magic." 

— Haley Riddering, TN


Bookbinding studio.png


A bookbinder living in Nashville, TN. 

I’m on a mission to fill the world with handmade books as unique as the people who use them. I want nothing more than to create the perfect home for scribbles — and to share those homes with others. 

I combine my obsession with details, embroidery, and all things vintage to create delicate hand-stitched books destined to become heirlooms. My books have been featured in Smitten Magazine and 100 Layer Cake, among others. 

I'm currently creating inventory for my handmade book shop, and sharing that process on my blog as well as Instagram. If you like what you see here, subscribe to the Kitty Cat Stevens newsletter to keep in touch.