Welcome, to the new Kitty Cat Stevens blog!

Hello, friends and fellow book lovers! I'm excited to welcome you to my brand new website. Here you'll find an extensive portfolio of my handmade books and one-of-a-kind embroidery, a brand new about me page, a real contact page that works, my first FAQ, and this here blog. YAY— I'm glad you've found me! 

To get started, there are a few changes I'd like to point out. My blog is no longer my homepage— it now lives here, at kittycatstevens.com/blog. This has caused some issues, like figuring out how to update all the ways my amazing readers can find me or subscribe, losing all my old comments, and causing lots of links to change, but I am overall happy with the newness. 

Next up, you might notice that my archives are significantly shorter then they used to be. This is because I didn't import all of my old content to this new site. This was a hard decision, but there are a few reasons behind it:

  • My blog has changed a lot since I started it 3+ years ago. Although I'm proud of how I've grown and where I am now, I have a very clear vision of how I want to move forward and what I want to focus on (hint: all books, all the time!). Part of me wanted to trash it all and just start fresh, but I decided to keep my best, most relevant, and helpful content instead. 

  • Due to a really boring and technical story, I lost a lot of the pictures in my older posts. Since 90% of what I do and blog about is visual, most of my older content didn't make sense without images. And like I said above, since the content wasn't even relevant to what I write about now, I wasn't about to backtrack and add images to old posts that I don't care about. 

  • I just needed a change! I feel so much more confident about my photography and writing these days, and I just wanted a space of my own that reflects who I am now. I consider my blog to be like my own little magazine. And I'm so happy that you're all here reading along!  

So, you're probably wondering what I will be blogging about! That's a good question— one I actually answered with a Venn diagram for you:

I've thought a lot about what I like to write about, what my readers enjoy, and how they overlap. Technically, I will only be blogging about two things—bookcraft + stitchery. But the beauty is that for me, books and sewing overlap in so many ways that it allows me to write about everything I love. 

This is getting long winded, so I am going to wrap it up! Basically, if you like books, embroidery, diy fashion, poetry, vintage + handmade goods, peeping into other people's sketchbooks, and all things paper or snail mail— then you're in the right place. 

If you're new to Kitty Cat Stevens, then:

Hi, I'm Jenna, it's nice to meet you!

I'd love for you to say hi in the comments below or get to know me better by clicking here. And if you're an old friend that's been wondering where my blog is or what the heck I've been up to, the answer is: I've been building this playground for modern day bibliophiles— welcome back!