I'm a sucker for a real surprise. When Sasha asked me to create a book of her best friend's poetry as a secret gift— I was immediately on board. Lauren's poems and song lyrics are raw, layered, delicate, and romantic. I created a soft, lyrical book focused on layers and inspired by the free-spirited nature of Lauren's writing.

I love her honest and vulnerable lyrics so I mimicked that feel in the book with really intricate and detailed layers. I love that you're able to look at the book several times and find a new detail that you didn't know was there (the way you can fall in love with a different part of a song that you've already heard a million times).  

This book features various vintage inspired floral papers hand embroidered with elements found in Lauren's lyrics. Her poems and lyrics are printed on vellum and machine stitched onto the embroidered layer. The book can be flipped through as normal or expanded to create a fun display piece. 

"I absolutely LOVE the book you made, it's beyond beautiful. I was so touched to receive a handcrafted book of my original lyrics, and can't get over all the small details of it. I love the dreamy, romantic, delicate feel of it overall-- it makes so much sense, paired with my lyrics! Thank you for working so hard on this project. I am absolutely blown away by this beautiful, thoughtful gift (Sasha had said something was in the works, but I had no idea what it was!), and so touched to see how much time and thought was clearly put into it. Your work is amazing!" —Lauren, Philidelphia PA

As a writer and poet, this book was an absolute joy to work on. You can listen to Lauren's beautiful songs here. To see the hand embroidered details featured in this book, click here

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