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This one-of-a-kind journal was commissioned by my friend, Haley, as a very special graduation gift for her sister. Haley gave me an old copy of a Nancy Drew book with two simple requests: that the finished journal include a mixture of pages and a closure for the book. After that, Haley said my favorite sentence in the world:

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"I trust your judgement and want you to have artistic freedom so if you have an idea, just run with it!" 

I started by creating watercolor paper in a complementary color scheme to make into spine guards. I then gathered various inspiring pages to include in the final binding: graph paper, envelopes, watercolor paper, colored library cards, handwriting paper, decorative pages, lots of high quality paper for writing or drawing, and an assortment of pages from the original "The Secret of the Old Clock" to be sewn back in. 

This custom journal is hand stitched in the Coptic style, an Ethiopian binding that dates back to the 4th century and allows the book to lie flat. It features a cheery whimsical spine, a button closure, and characteristic Kitty Cat Stevens scalloped edges. A treasure trove of mixed pages— this book is the perfect canvas for a new chapter of adventures in anyone's life! 

"Delaney's book was a huge success! She got real excited about those pocket pages. Thank you forever!" —Haley, Nashville TN

If you're interested in having a custom handmade journal like this created for you or a friend, just shoot me an email on the contact page