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This beautiful handmade journal was created from a discarded vintage book. Although Bowen Elementary School decided they no longer had a place for it, I made sure its journey was not over. By rescuing the striking teal covers and a selection of charming illustrated pages from the original book, I gave new life to an otherwise overlooked and "withdrawn" treasure. 

Beth wanted me to create an inspiring place for her to keep a record of her dreams, and thus, this book was born.  Already filled with tons of history in its blank state, this book is bound to hold even more stories in its lifetime. 

The unique spine is a pattern I designed by combining three types of stitching/bindings together: Coptic, French Link, and an intricate Celtic Weave. Filled with high quality paper, handmade touches, and a whole lot of history, this is an heirloom that will be read through for generations to come. 

If you're interested in having a custom handmade journal like this created for you or a friend, just shoot me an email on the contact page



"I got my one of a kind Kitty Cat Stevens handmade journal today, just in time for my California trip to record my adventures and thoughts for posterity.

What beautiful work and so thoughtfully put together. The small touches that you added make it so personal — the bookmark, the pages from the book inside the journal, the stitching done with so much love and accuracy.

Having a book made just for you is not a common thing in our world. You have an eye and ear for what pleases. Your bookmaking expertise combined with your sensitivity to the world around you leads a person to a view they didn't know they needed.

I am going to acquire and use a special pen in honor and respect to keep its beauty in tact. Maybe some day a long time from now, my great grandchildren will find it among my possessions and enjoy learning about YaYa and wonder who Jenna is. 

We are building a history. Thank you so much." 

— Beth Tanner, TN


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